Apple iPad Air 5

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Apple iPad Air 5

From KES 147,000.00

Condition: new

Apple iPad Air 5th Gen 2022 features:

  • RAM: 8GB
  • Internal Storage: 256GB
  • Battery: 28.6 Wh
  • Main camera: 12MP
  • Front camera: 12MP
  • Display: 10.9-inch
  • Processor: Apple M1
  • Connectivity: GSM, HSPA, 5G, Wi-Fi
  • Colors: Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue
  • OS: iPadOS 15.4

KES 147,000.00

Apple iPad Air 5 2022

The 2022 iPad Air stands as the bridge between affordability and the high-end iPad Pro, offering a compelling blend of power, performance, and versatility. Let's delve into the details of this exceptional device and discover its potential to elevate your productivity and entertainment.


  • Sleek and Sophisticated: The iPad Air 2022 retains the iconic flat-edged design, exuding elegance and sophistication. Available in five stunning colors – Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Blue – it caters to diverse preferences.
  • Thin and Light: Despite its robust capabilities, the iPad Air remains remarkably thin and light at 6.1mm and 461 grams. This makes it incredibly portable and comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  • Minimal Bezels: The expansive Liquid Retina display stretches edge-to-edge, maximized by minimal bezels that deliver an immersive viewing experience.


  • 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display: This stunning display boasts True Tone technology, wide color gamut (P3), and 500 nits of brightness, ensuring vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent readability in various lighting conditions.
  • Anti-reflective Coating: The display features an anti-reflective coating that minimizes glare, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments or bright rooms.


  • M1 Chip: The powerhouse M1 chip, also found in the iPad Pro, delivers exceptional performance, enabling effortless multitasking, smooth app switching, and the ability to handle demanding tasks like video editing and gaming.
  • Up to 8GB of RAM: Choose from 64GB or 256GB of storage options, and enjoy seamless multitasking and responsiveness with 8GB of RAM.
  • Fast Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 and optional 5G ensure blazing-fast internet speeds for downloading large files, streaming high-resolution content, and staying connected on the go.


  • 12MP Wide Camera: Capture stunning photos and videos with the 12MP wide camera, boasting ƒ/1.8 aperture for exceptional low-light performance.
  • 12MP Center Stage Front Camera: Enjoy crystal-clear video calls and selfies with the 12MP Center Stage front camera, which automatically adjusts the frame to keep you centered.

Additional Features:

  • Touch ID: Securely unlock your iPad Air or make Apple Pay purchases with the reliable and convenient Touch ID sensor integrated into the top button.
  • Apple Pencil 2 Support: Unleash your creativity with Apple Pencil 2 support, offering natural writing and drawing experience.
  • Magic Keyboard Support: Transform your iPad Air into a laptop with the Magic Keyboard, featuring a backlit keyboard and trackpad for enhanced productivity.
  • iPadOS 16: The latest iPadOS 16 unlocks a wealth of new features and enhancements, including Stage Manager, Live Text, and Quick Note, further extending the capabilities of your iPad Air.

The 2022 iPad Air strikes a perfect balance between affordability and high-end performance, making it a compelling choice for students, professionals, creatives, and casual users alike. With its stunning display, powerful M1 chip, advanced cameras, and versatile features, the iPad Air empowers you to work, create, and play at your best, offering an exceptional value proposition within the Apple tablet lineup.


The Apple iPad Air 5 price in Kenya is;

Apple iPad Air 5 2022 specifications

Operating SystemiPadOS15.4
ChipsetApple M1
GPU Graphics ProcessorApple GPU (8-core graphics)
Card SlotNo
Rear Camera12MP
Front Camera12MP
NetworkGSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G
Sim CardNano-SIM, eSIM
Display TypeLiquid Retina IPS LCD, 500 nits (typ)
Display Size10.9 inches, 359.2 cm2 (~81.3% screen-to-body ratio)
USBUSB Type-C 3.1, DisplayPort, magnetic connector
SensorFingerprint(top-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, barometer
BatteryLi-Po 28.6 Wh, non-removable

Design, Display and Build

The 2022 iPad Air 5 embodies a seamless blend of exquisite design, a breathtaking display, and a robust build quality. Let's delve into the specifics of these key features and discover the brilliance behind the fifth generation of the iPad Air.


  • Sophistication in Simplicity: The iPad Air 5 retains the iconic flat-edged design, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication. Its minimalist aesthetic is sure to appeal to users who appreciate clean and modern design.
  • A Spectrum of Choices: Choose from a range of stunning colors - Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Blue - each complementing the elegant design flawlessly.
  • Thin and Light: Remarkably thin and light at just 6.1mm and 461 grams, the iPad Air 5 offers unparalleled portability. This allows you to effortlessly carry it with you throughout the day without feeling weighed down.
  • Minimal Bezel Design: The expansive Liquid Retina display is framed by minimal bezels, maximizing screen real estate and creating a truly immersive viewing experience.


  • A Feast for the Eyes: Witness vibrant colors, exceptional detail, and crystal-clear clarity on the stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. This display boasts True Tone technology for a more natural viewing experience and a wide color gamut (P3) that ensures accurate color reproduction.
  • 500 Nits of Brightness: Whether you're working outdoors or in bright rooms, the iPad Air 5's 500 nits of brightness ensure excellent readability and a comfortable viewing experience under various lighting conditions.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Minimize glare and enjoy a clearer display with the anti-reflective coating, making the iPad Air 5 ideal for use outdoors or in brightly lit environments.


  • Unsurpassed Craftsmanship: Apple's renowned build quality shines through in the iPad Air 5. Every component feels meticulously crafted and incredibly durable, ensuring it can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Scratch-Resistant Glass: The front of the iPad Air 5 features scratch-resistant glass, protecting the stunning display from everyday scratches and scuffs.
  • Oleophobic Coating: An oleophobic coating repels fingerprints and smudges, keeping the display looking pristine and ensuring a smooth touch experience.
  • Aluminum Unibody: The sturdy aluminum unibody construction guarantees exceptional strength and rigidity, providing peace of mind knowing your device is protected against everyday bumps and knocks.
  • Smart Connector: The integrated Smart Connector allows for seamless integration with accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Smart Folio, enhancing your productivity and versatility.

The 2022 iPad Air 5 is a testament to Apple's commitment to design excellence, craftsmanship, and user experience. Its sleek and sophisticated design, combined with a breathtaking display and a robust build, makes it a truly premium tablet experience. Whether you're a student, professional, creative, or someone who appreciates quality, the iPad Air 5 is a device that will impress with its elegant aesthetics, exceptional display, and unwavering durability.


The 2022 iPad Air 5 represents a new era of mobile performance, offering users a powerful and versatile device capable of handling even the most demanding tasks. Let's delve into the details of its performance prowess and discover why it's a game-changer for the iPad Air lineup.

The M1 Chip: A Powerhouse at Your Fingertips

The heart of the iPad Air 5 lies in the revolutionary M1 chip, the same chip powering the latest MacBook Air and Pro models. This powerhouse delivers:

  • Exceptional processing power: The 8-core CPU delivers remarkable performance for running demanding applications, from video editing and gaming to complex 3D modeling.
  • Unparalleled graphics performance: The 8-core GPU renders stunning visuals and smooth gameplay, ensuring a seamless experience for creatives and gamers alike.
  • 16-core Neural Engine: This dedicated chip accelerates machine learning tasks, enhancing features like image and video processing, augmented reality experiences, and Siri voice recognition.

Effortless Multitasking and Seamless App Switching

The combination of the M1 chip and 8GB of RAM enables effortless multitasking and seamless app switching. This allows you to:

  • Run multiple apps simultaneously without experiencing any lag or slowdown.
  • Easily switch between apps without any wait time, maintaining your workflow uninterrupted.
  • Enjoy a responsive and fluid user experience that keeps up with your demands.

Next-Generation Speed and Connectivity

The iPad Air 5 supports Wi-Fi 6, offering significantly faster internet speeds compared to previous generations. This ensures:

  • Faster downloads and uploads, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Smooth streaming of high-resolution videos and movies.
  • Lag-free online gaming and seamless video conferencing experiences.

Optional 5G for Untethered Freedom

For those who demand ultimate mobility, the optional 5G cellular model provides:

  • Blazing-fast data speeds for downloading large files, streaming high-resolution content, and staying connected on the go.
  • Untethered freedom to work, create, and play from virtually anywhere with cellular data coverage.
  • Seamless connectivity regardless of your location, ensuring you're always connected to what matters most.

Benchmarking the Powerhouse

The iPad Air 5 delivers exceptional performance, as evidenced by its impressive benchmark scores:

  • Geekbench 5 Multi-core Score: 8,500
  • AnTuTu Score: 1,000,000
  • 3DMark Wild Life Score: 13,500

Real-World Performance that Impresses

The iPad Air 5's performance translates seamlessly into real-world use, allowing you to:

  • Edit 4K and 8K videos effortlessly in professional editing software.
  • Play demanding games with stunning graphics and high frame rates.
  • Experience unparalleled responsiveness and fluidity in all your tasks.

The 2022 iPad Air 5 redefines mobile performance, offering users an exceptional combination of power, efficiency, and portability. The M1 chip, coupled with generous RAM and connectivity options, empowers you to handle demanding workflows, unleash your creativity, and stay connected wherever life takes you. Whether you're a creative professional, a student, or a demanding user seeking ultimate performance, the iPad Air 5 delivers a remarkable experience that truly pushes the boundaries of what's possible on a tablet.


The 2022 iPad Air 5 promises a powerful and versatile mobile experience, but what about its battery life? Can it keep up with your demands throughout the day? Let's delve into the details of the iPad Air 5's battery and discover how it empowers you to stay productive and entertained for extended periods.

A Large and Efficient Battery:

  • 28.65-watt-hour Battery: The iPad Air 5 boasts a large and efficient battery, capable of providing enough power for most users' needs.
  • Apple's Battery Life Claims: According to Apple, the iPad Air 5 can offer:
    • Up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi.
    • Up to 9 hours of video playback on Wi-Fi.
    • Up to 9 hours of video playback on cellular.
    • Up to 13 hours of local video playback.

Real-World Battery Performance:

  • Actual battery life may vary depending on various factors:
    • Screen brightness: Brighter screens consume more battery life.
    • Cellular usage: Cellular data usage drains the battery faster than Wi-Fi.
    • App usage: Demanding apps like video editing and gaming will drain the battery faster than less demanding apps.
    • Background activity: Push notifications and location services can also drain the battery.

Battery Management Features:

  • Low Power Mode: Extend your battery life when needed by activating Low Power Mode, which reduces background activity and limits performance.
  • Optimize Battery Charging: This feature learns your charging routine and delays charging to 100% until just before you need to use your iPad, preserving the long-term health of your battery.
  • Battery Usage Breakdown: Identify apps that drain your battery excessively and manage them accordingly using the Battery Usage Breakdown feature.

Fast Charging Options:

  • Quickly recharge your iPad Air 5 with USB-C fast charging.
  • Get up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes with a compatible charger.

The 2022 iPad Air 5 offers a long-lasting battery that can handle most users' demands throughout the day. However, real-world battery life may vary depending on individual usage patterns. With the help of built-in battery management features and fast charging options, you can optimize your battery life and ensure you have enough power to stay productive and entertained on the go.


The 2022 iPad Air 5 is more than just a powerful tablet; it's a capable photography and videography tool. Apple has equipped this device with a versatile camera system that allows you to capture stunning images and videos, regardless of your experience level. Let's delve into the details of the iPad Air 5's cameras and discover their potential:

Single-Lens System for Diverse Capture:

  • 12MP Wide Camera (ƒ/1.8 aperture): Capture high-resolution photos with exceptional clarity and detail, even in low-light conditions. The wide aperture allows for more light to enter the sensor, resulting in brighter and sharper images.

Center Stage: Stay in Focus During Video Calls:

  • This innovative feature automatically adjusts the front camera during video calls to keep you centered in the frame, even as you move around. Perfect for staying in focus during video conferences, presentations, and online classes.

Smart HDR 4: Capture Natural-Looking Results:

  • This technology automatically adjusts the exposure and color balance of your photos for more natural-looking results, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Deep Fusion: Enhance Low-Light Photography:

  • Deep Fusion kicks in for low-light shots, analyzing multiple exposures to deliver an image with remarkable detail and minimal noise.

Cinematic Video Stabilization for Smooth Footage:

  • The iPad Air 5 features advanced video stabilization technology that helps to reduce camera shake and ensure smooth, professional-looking videos.

4K Video Recording for Aspiring Filmmakers:

  • Capture stunning 4K video at 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, or 60fps, ideal for creating cinematic videos and high-quality presentations.

LiDAR Scanner: Enhanced Depth and Dimension:

  • This innovative sensor measures the distance to objects in the scene, enabling features like augmented reality experiences and Portrait mode with depth control.
  • Achieve professional-looking portraits with blurred backgrounds, putting the focus on your subject.
  • Create immersive augmented reality experiences with accurate depth perception.

True Tone Flash: Natural-Looking Images in Any Light:

  • This flash automatically adjusts its color temperature to match the ambient light, ensuring more natural-looking results in your photos.
  • No more harsh shadows or unnatural-looking skin tones, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Front Camera:

  • Enjoy crystal-clear selfies and video calls with the 12MP front camera, featuring ƒ/2.4 aperture and Center Stage.

Additional Camera Features:

  • Live Photos: Capture both the photo and the moments just before and after, bringing your photos to life.
  • Panorama: Capture stunning panoramic photos by seamlessly stitching together multiple images.
  • Burst Mode: Capture rapid-fire shots to ensure you don't miss the perfect moment.
  • Time-lapse: Create stunning time-lapse videos to showcase the passage of time.
  • Slo-mo: Capture slow-motion videos at 240fps for dramatic effect.

The 2022 iPad Air 5 delivers a versatile and powerful camera system that empowers you to capture stunning photos and videos. With its dual-lens system, advanced features, and powerful processing capabilities, it allows you to unleash your inner photographer and create professional-quality content. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, the iPad Air 5's cameras are sure to impress with their versatility and performance.

Network and Connectivity

The 2022 iPad Air 5 elevates mobile connectivity to a new level, ensuring you stay seamlessly connected to the world around you. Let's delve into the details of its network and connectivity features and discover how they empower your mobile lifestyle.

Wi-Fi 6 for Blazing-Fast Speeds:

  • Unprecedented Speed: Experience significantly faster Wi-Fi speeds than previous generations with Wi-Fi 6. Download large files, stream high-resolution videos, and enjoy lag-free online gaming without any buffering.
  • MIMO Technology: Multiple-input and multiple-output technology ensures stronger and more reliable connections, even in crowded Wi-Fi environments.
  • Simultaneous Dual Band: Connect to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously, providing you with the best possible connection speed and stability.

Optional Cellular: Untethered Freedom:

  • Unleash Unrestricted Mobility: Choose the Wi-Fi + Cellular model to stay connected without relying on Wi-Fi hotspots. Enjoy the freedom to work, create, and play from anywhere with cellular data coverage.
  • 5G (sub-6 GHz and mmWave): Experience blazing-fast cellular speeds with access to both sub-6 GHz and mmWave networks. Download large files, stream high-resolution content, and participate in video calls in a flash.
  • LTE: Even in areas without 5G coverage, the iPad Air 5 still supports older LTE networks, ensuring you have a reliable connection wherever you are.

Global Roaming: Connect Seamlessly Around the World:

  • Travel the world without losing touch: eSIM support allows you to easily connect to local cellular networks without needing to carry a physical SIM card.
  • Wide Range of Carrier Support: Enjoy easy connectivity with your preferred carrier while traveling to different countries.

Additional Connectivity Options:

  • Bluetooth 5.3: Connect to your favorite Bluetooth accessories effortlessly, such as headphones, speakers, and keyboards, for a seamless experience.
  • Handoff and AirDrop: Start a task on your iPad Air 5 and seamlessly continue it on your Mac or iPhone, or vice versa. Share files between your Apple devices with ease using AirDrop.

The 2022 iPad Air 5 offers unparalleled connectivity options, ensuring you stay connected and productive on the go. With its advanced Wi-Fi 6 support, optional cellular capabilities, global roaming support, and other features, you can enjoy a seamless and reliable connection no matter where life takes you. Whether you're working remotely, traveling the world, or simply staying connected with loved ones, the iPad Air 5 is the perfect companion for your mobile lifestyle.

Here's a table comparing the network and connectivity options of the iPad Air 5 to some of its competitors:

DeviceWi-FiCellulareSIMGlobal RoamingBluetooth
Apple iPad Air 5 2022Wi-Fi 6Optional (5G and LTE)YesYesBluetooth 5.3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8Wi-Fi 6EOptional (5G)YesYesBluetooth 5.2
Microsoft Surface Pro 9Wi-Fi 6EOptional (5G)NoYesBluetooth 5.1

As you can see, the iPad Air 5 offers a comprehensive set of network and connectivity features, making it a compelling choice for users who demand a reliable and seamless connection. In addition to its powerful performance and long-lasting battery life, the iPad Air 5's connectivity options further enhance its versatility and make it a true mobile powerhouse.