Meta Quest 3

KES 84,000.00

KES 88,000.00

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Meta Quest 3

From KES 84,000.00-KES 96,000.00

Condition: new

Meta Quest 3 features:

  • 128GB of Internal Storage
  • Full-Color Passthrough
  • 2064 x 2208 Resolution per Eye
  • XR2 Gen 2 Snapdragon Processor
  • Ring-Free Touch Plus Controllers
  • TruTouch Haptic Feedback
  • 40% Slimmer Than Quest 2
  • Built-In 3D Spatial Audio
  • Works with All Quest Apps & Games
  • Adjustable Strap, Lens Depth & IPD

KES 84,000.00KES 88,000.00

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 emerges as the successor to the popular Quest 2, promising a deeper dive into mixed reality (MR) with an array of upgrades and enhancements. It's not just a VR headset anymore; it's a gateway to a blended world where virtual and physical seamlessly intertwine.

How much is the Meta Quest 3 in Kenya?

The price for the 128GB storage is Kshs. 84,000 and that of the 512GB is Kshs. 96,000

The Meta Quest 3 marks a significant leap forward in mixed reality technology. Its sleek design, upgraded visuals, enhanced MR capabilities, and powerful internals make it a compelling choice for both existing VR enthusiasts and newcomers seeking a glimpse into the future of computing and entertainment. Whether you're a gamer, fitness enthusiast, creative professional, or simply curious about the potential of mixed reality, the Meta Quest 3 is an invitation to step into a whole new world of possibilities.

Meta Quest 3 Specifications

Operating SystemMeta’s Android Fork
IPD AdjustmentManual
Display TypeLCD
Display Resolution2064 x 2208
Refresh Rates90Hz, 120Hz
ChipsetSnapdragon XR2 Gen 2 (4nm)
Color Cameras2x 4MP
Battery Life2-3 hours
Storage128GB, 512GB
Charge Time2.3 hours with the included 18W
Battery LocationVisor
Headset Weight515 grams
Field of View110 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical
WiFiWi-Fi 6E

Meta Quest 3 Design and Build

The Meta Quest 3 isn't just an evolution – it's a bold leap forward in mixed reality design and build. Ditching the boxy aesthetics of its predecessors, it embraces a sleek, curvier silhouette that's both stylish and comfortable. Let's dive into the details that make the Quest 3 a head-turner and a joy to wear:

  1. A Vision of Elegance
    Say goodbye to the chunky VR helmets of the past. The Quest 3 boasts a streamlined, modern look with smooth curves and a slimmer profile. Its soft-touch, matte black finish exudes sophistication, while the subtle Meta logo accent adds a touch of branding without being gaudy.
  2. Comfort Takes Center Stage:
    The Quest 3 isn't just about eye candy; it's designed for extended wear without fatigue. Its lighter weight compared to the Quest 2 puts less strain on your neck, while the adjustable head strap ensures a secure, personalized fit. The soft, breathable facial interface contours to your face, preventing overheating and irritation.
  3. Enhanced Visual Feast:
    But the real magic lies in what you see. The Quest 3 boasts a significant upgrade in visual fidelity with its high-resolution displays. Each eye enjoys a 2064x2208 pixel resolution, surpassing the Quest 2's 1832x1920 pixels. This translates to sharper images, finer details, and a more immersive experience.
  4. Blended Reality Redefined:
    Where the Quest 3 truly shines is in its enhanced mixed reality (MR) capabilities. Its upgraded 2 RGB cameras with 18 PPD offer 10x the resolution of the Quest 2 and 3x the resolution of the Quest Pro. This opens up a world of possibilities for seamlessly blending virtual and physical environments.
  5. Power Unleashed:
    The Quest 3 isn't just a pretty face; it packs a punch under the hood. Powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, it delivers double the GPU processing power compared to the Quest 2. This means faster loading times, smoother gameplay, and more complex, detailed virtual worlds.
  6. Beyond the Looks:
    The Quest 3 design is just the beginning. This headset is a platform for a rich library of MR experiences. Explore fantastical virtual worlds, connect with friends in social VR spaces, attend virtual concerts, enhance your fitness routines with interactive workouts, or even learn new skills through immersive educational apps.
  7. Standard Edition Essentials:
    The Meta Quest 3 Standard Edition comes with everything you need to jump into the mixed reality revolution:
    • Meta Quest 3 headset with adjustable pre-installed standard facial interface
    • Two Touch Plus controllers with wrist straps and two AA batteries
    • Charging cable and power adapter

Additional Notes:

The Meta Quest 3 offers two storage options: 128GB and 512GB.

An eye tracking feature is not currently included.

The Meta Quest 3 is more than just a VR headset; it's a fashion statement for the future. Its sleek design, enhanced visuals, powerful internals, and groundbreaking MR capabilities make it a must-have for tech enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone curious about the future of computing and entertainment. So, whether you're a seasoned VR pro or a curious newcomer, the Meta Quest 3 is your invitation to step into a new reality, one pixel at a time.

Meta Quest 3 Performance

The Meta Quest 3 is a performance beast primed to redefine mixed reality (MR) as you know it. Forget choppy frame rates and blurry visuals - the Quest 3 packs a punch under its sleek silhouette, delivering lightning-fast responsiveness, breathtaking graphics, and immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible.

  1. Unleashing the Terahertz:
    At the heart of the Quest 3 lies the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor – a technological marvel delivering double the GPU processing power compared to its predecessor. This translates to:
    • Blazing-fast loading times: Jump into your favorite virtual worlds in seconds, not minutes.
    • Smoother than silk gameplay: Say goodbye to jarring frame drops and experience buttery-smooth action, even in graphically demanding titles.
    • More complex and detailed virtual worlds: Explore sprawling landscapes with intricate textures and dynamic lighting effects, powered by the XR2 Gen 2's raw processing muscle.
  2. A Feast for the Eyes:
    The Quest 3 doesn't skimp on visuals either. It boasts high-resolution OLED displays with a 2064x2208 pixel resolution per eye, a significant jump from the Quest 2's 1832x1920 pixels. Prepare to be mesmerized by:
    • Crystal-clear images: Witness razor-sharp details, from the stitching on a character's armor to the texture of blades of grass in a virtual meadow.
    • Vivid colors: Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds that explode with life, thanks to the OLED displays' superior contrast and color reproduction.
    • Seamless mixed reality: The high resolution translates to smoother blending between virtual and physical environments, making MR experiences feel more natural and immersive than ever before.
  3. Breaking the Sound Barrier:
    The Quest 3 doesn't just deliver visual spectacle; it engages all your senses with its immersive audio. Its integrated stereo speakers with 3D spatial audio create:
    • Realistic soundscapes: Hear the rustle of leaves in a virtual forest, the roar of an engine approaching from behind, or the whispered footsteps of an enemy lurking in the shadows.
    • Precise positional audio: Pinpoint the exact location of sounds in the virtual world, adding another layer of realism and depth to your experience.
    • 40% increased audio range: Experience deeper bass, a wider range of frequencies, and optimal balance between left and right speakers for a truly cinematic audio experience.
  4. Beyond the Specs:
    The Quest 3's performance extends beyond raw numbers. It's complemented by a suite of features that further enhance your experience:
    • Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers: Feel the texture of different surfaces, the recoil of a weapon, and the tension of a bowstring through the Touch Plus controllers, adding a layer of physical interaction to your virtual adventures.
    • Tempest 3D AudioTech: Immerse yourself in dynamic soundscapes where sound comes from every direction, pulling you deeper into the game's atmosphere.
    • Eye tracking (optional): Experience more intuitive interactions with virtual objects and environments by focusing your gaze on specific points of interest (available in a separate facial interface accessory).

The Meta Quest 3 is more than just a VR headset; it's a powerhouse performance machine designed to take MR to the next level. With its cutting-edge processor, high-resolution displays, immersive audio, and innovative features, it redefines what's possible in virtual and blended reality experiences. Whether you're a seasoned gamer, a tech enthusiast, or a curious newcomer, the Quest 3 is an invitation to step into a future where performance meets immersion, and reality bends to your imagination.